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Maaichef is an innovative kitchen countertop automated smart cooking appliance that simplifies the cooking process. It allows you to load the ingredients in the top section and select from thousands of recipes based on those ingredients. With the help of your smartphone, you can remotely set up a 3-dish meal and have it timed perfectly for when you arrive home for dinner. This ensures that you can enjoy a delicious and freshly prepared meal without any hassle.


Maaichef sought the expertise of Ovans Design to create a smart cooking appliance for home-use. Ovans Design developed and enhanced design concepts, and built a CAD model around the customer’s components. This CAD model was then utilized to fabricate a proof-of-concept prototype and generate renderings for presentations, as well as studies on color, material, and finish. Additionally, Ovans Design developed a graphic user interface to facilitate programming of the unit. They also provided assistance in sourcing the fabricated parts and constructing the proof-of-concept. Finally, drawings were produced from the CAD model to be submitted for patent application.