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The World's First Smart Botanical Home Infuser

Infuse at home. Use the metal canister to roast your favorite herbs and botanicals with the Hanablend to unlock their aromatics, and prepare them to be infused into your favorite oils. The glass beaker is provided to infuse your herbs and botanicals into your favorite oils. Hanablend gently stirs to mix to infuse the oil with the properties of your favorite botanicals and herbs.


Hanablend approached Ovans Design to develop a smart herbal oil infuser for home use. Ovans design explored and refined design concepts, then developed a manufacturable CAD model around the customers components. That CAD model was used to create prototypes and tooling for a small production run necessary for testing and certification. In addition to the housing assembly, a decarboxylation/ infusion container with agitator and lid were developed and manufactured. Other services by Ovans Design included material specification, manufacturing sourcing, logo design, packaging design, UI design, user manual creation, renderings, animation, and patent drawings.