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Boost your tennis skills with the RX-T1 Tennis Training weight. The RX-T1 comes in two weights: 7oz and 11oz, to suit different levels of training. You can also combine the two weights to get a more challenging workout for your tennis muscles. The RX-T1 helps you reach new heights in your game.

Strategic Partnership

As a strategic partner with Pipeline Engineering, Ovans Design is readily available for collaborative efforts to meet specific customer and project needs. When needed, I become a team member working on behalf of your company to serve your customer. So when Ragland Sports came to Pipeline with an idea for a tennis racket training weight, Ovans Design lead the project from conceptualization through production. Services included CAD design for manufacturing, prototoyping, component sourcing and custom component design, product testing, manufacturing liason, packaging design, logo design and durability testing.

Logo Design + Packaging Design + Illustrations

As a part of a full array of services; company and product logos were developed. Packaging box and graphics were designed. Illustrations and user instructions were created.