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The Flx® Family of 312 Open-fit Products features a patented ergonomic design case created with our focus on the patient. The Flx® family offers 3 technology levels 4, 6 and 12 channel circuitry for all types of lifestyle needs.

Key features include the iScroll® Digital Volume Control, a smooth, easy-to-adjust roller for those who may have limited dexterity. The new push-button memory switch is effortless to locate and operate. Wear it over the ear (OTE) or behind the ear (BTE); with an open-fit ear bud or with a custom ear mold.

– Easy to adjust iScroll® digital volume control.
– 312 battery for up to 175 hours of battery life.
– 3 technology levels for all types of active lifestyles.


As a Sr Industrial Designer at Raytech Corporation, I was the lead designer on this hearing aid for Audina. I worked closely with the customer’s engineers to optimize the internal component layout to minimize size and acheive the high end performance. All parts were designed for manufacturing and assembly.